Film Noir Movie Posters: ROBERT RYAN!

Here’s a 30 poster set of film noir posters featuring the one and only Robert Ryan. The great actor bore little resemblance to many of the characters he played — though everyone knows he was a fine amateur fighter in real life. Ryan was truly a great America, and a bona-fide icon of film noir. Enjoy!

Things have been really slow around here lately as I’ve been dedicating every spare moment to writing the text and digitally restoring the images in my upcoming book — thanks for sticking with me! I should be able to make an announcement (with links) giving the exact title of book within the next few months. But until then I can say that it’s primarily concerned with mid-century comic books! 

Hope you cats and kittens enjoy the posters! 

Crossfire (1947), French

The Racket (1951), Italian
Crossfire (1947), Italian
Act of Violence (1948), One-sheet

Berlin Express (1948), Six-sheet

Berlin Express (1948), One-sheet

Beware, My Lovely (1952), One-sheet

Born to be Bad (1950), Italian

Caught (1949), Half-sheet

Caught (1949), One-sheet

Clash by Night (1952), One-sheet

Crossfire (1947), Belgian

Crossfire (1947), One-sheet

House of Bamboo (1955), Belgian

House of Bamboo (1955), Italian

House of Bamboo (1955), One-sheet

Odds Against Tomorrow (1959), Japanese

Odds Against Tomorrow (1959), One-sheet

On Dangerous Ground (1951), One-sheet

Act of Violence (1948), Three-sheet
The Racket (1951), One-sheet

The Secret Fury (1950), Australian Daybill

The Secret Fury (1950), One-sheet

The Set-Up (1949), Italian
The Set-Up (1949), One-sheet

The Woman on Pier 13 (1949), Lobby Cards

The Woman on Pier 13 (1949), One-sheet

The Woman on the Beach (1947), Half-sheet

The Woman on the Beach (1947), Insert

The Woman on the Beach (1947), One-sheet