February 23, 2013

EXPOSED Magazine (1955) First Issue!

This is the first ever issue of 1955’s Exposed magazine, which promises “All the facts…all the names” for the price of a quarter. The articles are great: a late-night divorce photographer and his “nude sinners,” a bunco scam involving that infamous Marilyn calendar, Hollywood paternity cases, that cesspool of vice otherwise known as Cleveland, and a real gem: a dissection of Kinsey’s “Sexual Behavior of Perverts” by an established sociologist! 

It’s a curious magazine, clearly with a titillating title and cover design meant to entice two bits from all those Confidential fans clamoring for the month’s gossip. Yet you’ll be surprised when you read this — the articles are uniformly well-written and informative. Fascinating as well that an established publisher like Fawcett chose to run this without any advertising. Enjoy! 


  1. I knew it! There just "had" to be a calendar racket!

    Cool. The pdf worked and the images are large and readable. Just don't tell the Boxing Mob!

  2. Thank you so much for uploading this, Mark! I'm a recent follower, so that's done. I'll be reading the issue tomorrow during breakfast -- seems only appropriate!

    1. Thanks so much Sofia! I really appreciate it!

  3. You bring up an interesting point. The quality of writing and investigation in these magazines are superb. I bought an old issue of Whisper magazine on e bay, thinking it would be like a modern day National Enquirer. I was wrong. The articles are all well written. I wonder if the writing reflected the readers' sophistication and what the circulation was. I have a feeling these magazines were read by many in the Hollywood crowd. Gossip is the oil that kept that engine running and these mags were the best place to get the dirt.

  4. Great job Professor! Worked just fine. Well written and completely entertaining in all it's scandalous glory!