15 Great Polish Posters for Amerykanski Crime Films!

No blurbs, no countdown — just great design from one of the world’s most renowned poster cultures. In a few instances, the poster was designed much later (possibly even years later) than when the film was produced and released in the United States. In those cases, I've placed the year of the poster design in the second set of parenthesis. Enjoy! Fifteen more of these are on the way soon!

Betrayed (1989)

The Big Sleep (1978)

Black Widow (1987)

Bullitt (1968)

Call Northside 777 (1948) (1966)

The Enforcer (1951) (1960s)

Fatal Attraction (1987)

The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973)

Klute (1971)

The Parallax View (1974)

Rififi (1955)

The Seven Ups (1973)

Taxi Driver (1976) (1978)

Vertigo (1958) (1963)

The Woman in the Window (1944) (1958)


  1. These are so much better than American posters. I wish modern poster--and book cover--art was like this!

  2. Great art. Nowadays it's quite forgotten in its motherland. Really nice to see it here.
    Greetings from Poland!

  3. Poster for "The Enforcer" (1951) (1960s) is not Polish.

  4. Correct. Looking closer - I believe it's Czech. The signature is very difficult to make out.

  5. It seems like most of these have a much darker tone than their American counterparts. Is that a comment on the culture? Or is it a comment on the way they see American movies? The Fatal Attraction poster is striking, but it gives me the giggles because the snake looks like a sock puppet.

  6. KC, great comment. I think the darkness is due to a lack of design parameters placed on the artists. The domestic versions of these posters typically were required to put the stars front and center, whereas in a central Europe they don't care quite as much who Jimmy Stewart is. Nonetheless, I imagine life behind the iron curtain would lend itself to some of the dark visions we see in these. On the other hand, some of the Polish designs for comedy films are as light-hearted, and much more witty than their American counterparts.

  7. Polish posters in american blog, for me great, thank you for it :)