Film Noir Movie Posters: BURT LANCASTER

Hi all. In addition to numerous essays in the queue, I’m working on a few large poster projects (particularly a major top 100 countdown) that I’m planning to begin posting during the winter break between semesters. In the meantime, I’ve been working on some smaller star-centric movie image posts — this is the first.

Burt Lancaster made a string of fine noir films in the brief period following the war that established him as a major Hollywood talent. Despite the fact that the eight films depicted here more or less represent the entirety of Lancaster’s film noir resumé, he remains one of the performers most associated with film noir — possibly because his big splash, 1946’s The Killers, was also his first screen role. 

Click to view images in hi-res, and feel free to download all you wish! 

The Killers - 1946 (One Sheet)
The Killers - 1946 (Belgian 14" x 18")
The Killers - 1946 (Swedish One Sheet)
The Killers - 1946 (Still Photograph)

The Killers - 1946 (Still Photograph)
Brute Force - 1947 (One Sheet)

Brute Force - 1947 (Title Lobby Card)

Brute Force - 1947 (Insert 14" x 36")

Brute Force - 1947 (Three Sheet - 41" x 81")

I Walk Alone - 1948 (Half Sheet 22" x 28")

I Walk Alone - 1948 (Lobby Card)
I Walk Alone - 1948 (Three Sheet)

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands - 1948 (One Sheet)

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands - 1948 (Half Sheet)

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands - 1948 (Belgian 14" x 22")

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands - 1948 (Still Photograph with Joan Fontaine 8" x 10")

Sorry, Wrong Number - 1948 (One Sheet)
Sorry, Wrong Number - 1948 (Swedish One Sheet)

Sorry, Wrong Number - 1948 (Lobby Card)

Sorry, Wrong Number - 1948 (Still Photograph)
Criss Cross (One Sheet)

Criss Cross - 1949 (Italian 4 Foglio 55" x 78")

Criss Cross - 1949 (Title Lobby Card)

Criss Cross - 1949 (1958 Re-release One Sheet)

Rope of Sand - 1949 (One Sheet)
Rope of Sand - 1949 (Insert)

Rope of Sand - 1949 (Still Photograph with Corinne Calvet)
Sweet Smell of Success - 1957 (One Sheet)
Sweet Smell of Success - 1957 (Insert)


  1. Love these old posters. Nice job and nice write up on the Hayden film.

  2. Theses are some really beautiful posters and photos! It makes me wish there was more emphasis on commercial poster art today. It does make way for a lot of awesome fan made/Mondo type posters though.


  3. Those Criss Cross posters are great, and definitely convey that film's seductive nature as well.

  4. Burt Lancaster got old films that are worth to watch twice or thrice. He is a very good actor during their age!

  5. There is an image of Burt Lancaster with a woman that I life but all it says under it is film noir. What is your email address? Maybe I could send ti to you and you would know. Thanks.

    1. Sure, send it to, I'll be happy to take a look.