November 8, 2011

EXPOSED Magazine - Sept. 1956: Lana Turner and Diana Dors

Put on your Sid Hudgens hats dear readers,  because it’s scandal sheet time here at Where Danger Lives.

Here are two articles from the September 1956 issue of Exposed,  featuring a boozing Lana Turner and the voluptuous Diana Dors. Enjoy, but keep it on the hush-hush. 

(Click to view full size!) 

Let me know if this post is worthwhile, as I’d like to make this an ongoing feature. I’ve got a stack of these — and I think they are too good not to share. 


  1. I think they're entertaining. It's not something I spend more than a few minutes on. See what other kind of feedback you get. I do appreciate you posting them.

  2. Thanks Laura - lots of traffic so far!

  3. keep it coming. I have three Diana Dors posters hanging in my house. Looking at this magazine reminds me of something I heard last week: "If it weren't for fast women and slow horses, I would have it made."

  4. cool post. these are interesting.